- After Shave
- Bath
- Cleaners
- Cold Sores, Canker Sores
- Creams, Moisturizers
- Deodorants
- Insect Repellants
- Miscellaneous
- Nails & Feet
- Skin Problems
- Soaps
- Sunscreens & Tanning
- Toothpaste
After Shave
Kiss My Face.  Cool Mint
Kiss My Face.  Fragrance Free
Kiss My Face.  Peaches & Cream
Aura Cacia.  Bubble Bath: Heartsong; Tranquility
Jason.  Satin Shower Body Wash, fragrance free
Nature` Cargo.  Natural Bath Sea Salt
Scents Alive.  Frangrance Free Body Wash
Desert Essence. Anti-Bacterial Face Wash
Derma-E.  Microdermabrasion Scrub
Cold Sores, Canker Sores
Quantum.  Super LSN + Cold Stick
Creams, Moisturizers
Derma E. Age Defying Day Cream
Derma E.  Vitamin E Oil Moisturizer
Desert Essence Daily Essential Moisturizer
Desert Essence. Thoroughly Clean Face Wash[
Earth Science. Almond-aloe moisturizer
Now.  Pure Lanolin
Now. Cocoa Butter
Kiss My Face.  Honey & Calendula Moisturizer
Kiss My Face.  Olive & Aloe Moisturizer
Kiss My Face.  Peaches & Cream Moisturizer
Kiss My Face.  Vitamin A & E Moisturizer
Shea's All Natural.  100% Shea Butter
Lavilin.  Regular Body Deodorant
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.  
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.  Ministick
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.  Crystal in box
Desert Essence.  Natural Roll-On Deodorant
Nature`s Gate.  Autumn Breeze Roll-on
Nature`s Gate.  Spring Fresh Roll-On
Lafe's Natural Natural Body Care.  Deodorant Spray
Earth Science.  Liken Plant Natural Deod. Unscented
Jason. Aloe Vera Stick
Jason.  Deodorant, Unscented Stick
Tom's of Maine.  Calendula Stick
Tom's of Maine.  Honey Suckle Rose Stick
Tom's of Maine.  Unscented Stick
Insect Repellants
Druide.  Citronella Organic Soap
Druide.  Citronelle Spray Lotion
Hempola.. Mosquito Repellent
Genuine Health.  Perfect Skin
Hyland's. Calendula Ointment
Earthwise.  Pure Witch Hazel distillant
Thayer's.  Witch Hazel
Thompson's.  Calendula Cream
Thompson's.  Hamamelis Ointment
Nails, Feet & Lips
Jason. No More Fungus Nail Saver
Suncoat.  Soy-Corn Based Nail Polish Remover

Earth Therapeutics.  Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray
Shika. Food Cream
Aya. Cooling Peppermenint Foot Cream
Tea Tree. Foot Spray

Badger Balms.  Unscented Lip Balm Stick
Burt`s Bees.  Beeswax Lip Balm
Skin Problems
Derma E.  Cracked Skin Relief Cream
Kalaya Creations.  Stretch Mark Cream
Moon Valley.  Eczasalve (Eczema)
Moon Valley.  Psoriosalve (Psoriasis)
Camomile, Carbolic, Glucerine, Goat milk, Hemp, oatmeal, olive oil , pumice, tar, tea tree.
-Liquid soap:
Dr. Bronner: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint
Nature`s Gate. Neroli Orange
Kiss My Face. Hand Soap
Aloe Organics, Liquid Soap
Sunscreens + Tanning
Alba Botanica.  Kid` Sunscreen SPF 45
Alba Botanica.  Sunscreen SPF 20, fragrance free
Aubrey Organic.  SPT 20 Tinted Sunscreen
Earth`s Best Baby Care.  Sun Block SPF 30+
Nature` Gate.  Upper Tanagement Self Tanning Cream
Toothpaste & Mouthwash
Auromère.  Freshmint Toothpaste
Auromère.  Mint-Free
Desert Essence.  Tea Tree Toothpaste: mint
Jason.  NutriSmile
Jason. Sea Fresh
Jason.  PowerSmile
Nature's Gate.  Cool Mint Gel
Nature's Gate.  Crème de mint
Nature` Gate.  Crème de Peppermint
Nature` Gate.  Whitening Gel
Neem. Neem Toothpaste
Tom's of Maine.  Fennel Toothpaste
Tom`s of Maine.  Peppermint, Fluoride Free
Tom`s of Maine.  Silly Strawberry for children
Tom`s of Maine.  Spearmint
Desert Essence.  Tea Tree Mouthwash